31 05 2007

According to the blog stats WordPress gives me, two people found this blog by searching “rachel grobstein”.
A. Who the hell is she?
B. How the hell is she connected with this blog?
C. Why the hell am I asking “Why/How/Who/Etc. The Hell?” questions?


Too. Tired. To…

30 05 2007

… Make. Stuff of the week #2.

Expect it tomorrow. 🙂
No schoooool. 😀


What the hell…

30 05 2007

I was writing a big long post about the last day of school (which was today) but then suddenly the whole page restarted and the whole post disappeared, and there were no drafts saved.

Anyway, school ended today. Yay.
The End.

AAAAAAAAAAH Where do I begin?

30 05 2007

Aaaah so many things to sayyyyy….

Right so let’s begin with this…
Since my computer went away to get a new hard drive last Friday, I was bored as HELL. I had no idea what to do to pass the time. Which sure says a lot about my life don’t it? xD
But yeah, I got it back yesterday, but…. THIS SUCKS.
It’s still slow as f*ck, and I was told we were going to get a 250gb drive, but all we got was a 134gb drive.
And it’s a separate one.
The C:/ drive is still the crappy 19gb one, while the D:/ drive is the 134gb. All the files and stuff are still saved to the C:/ drive and I have no idea how to make it so it does all that kind of stuff to the D:/ drive. -.-
But I’m told both drives are going to be merged together eventually. I SURE AS HELL HOPE SO cos I am so sick of using this pile of sh*t I call a computer.
Thus ends yet another computer rant.

I’m back!

30 05 2007

And boy do I have a lot of stuff to blog about all of a sudden!
But not now, I have to go.
Expect more entries later though. 🙂

Well Well Well

25 05 2007

My computer came back today.
Though because of some difficulties the 19gb drive couldn’t be replaced yet. So it’s only back for today. It’s getting sent off again tomorrow and should (hopefully) be back late tomorrow.
If it’s not back tomorrow, I’ll post the Stuff Of The Week when it is back. 😉
See you people then…


23 05 2007

My computer’s going to get a new hard drive. Instead of this crappy 19GB hard drive we have now, it’s getting a new 250GB one. The thing is though it’s being sent to get the new hard drive in about 15 minutes, so I need to wrap this up quickly.
I may not be able to post here for a couple of days, the plan is that we’re going to get the new hard drive sometime tomorrow, but it’s a friend of ours installing it, and he’s had a bad record with me, most of the time when he says “tomorrow” he means “August next year”and when he says “I’ll call later” he never calls at all, so I might not be able to get on my computer for a while.
Maybe he’ll stay true to his word and we’ll get the computer back tomorrow, but I’m still kind of unsure though.
Till then anyway, see ya.