See ya guys!

30 06 2007

I’m going to Canada on Tuesday, and I’ll be back near the end of July (just in time for the Simpsons movie! lol) I’ll be spending some time packing and getting ready and stuff so I won’t have time or stuff to say in this blog till then. If I get to use a computer while there I might post something here. Bye till then.



28 06 2007

Well, whatta you know, I got an answer.


Damn you Yahoo! Answers

27 06 2007

I spend the last few months using it to answer questions and stuff and when I finally ask a question there A WEEK AGO I don’t get an answer.
How odd how these things happen.

Wednesday as of 3:35 pm

27 06 2007

This time next week I’ll be on a plane about halfway on it’s trip to Canada. Somewhere in Ontario. Can’t wait. Haven’t been there for five years and want to see how the people there have been getting on. It’ll be odd meeting some of them again because 5 years is a long time and the young ones would have changed a lot, they would be around 10-12 years old now.

Earlier today my little sister just finished her last day of school before the summer so to celebrate our mother took us to this food place… can’t really call it a restaurant, cos it looks more like a summery café, if you get what I mean. The last time we were there I almost made myself sick after having the chicken curry, because I was given a lot and I couldn’t finish it, and because it was so hot I had to keep getting water every few minutes. I tried not to have it again today, but because there was nothing else that was really appetizing on the menu, I had it again. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot and I only used up one glass of water, but I was still given a lot so I couldn’t finish it.

I think that’s it for now, think I’m going to go play some Pokémon now. Byez.

7 Entries in one day

26 06 2007

Is that a record?

I’m not sure.

‘Tis Odd

26 06 2007

I spend the entire school year waiting for the last day of school before summer, and when summer comes along, you’re bored and have nothing at all to do. Odd things happen in life. :/

On a completely unrelated note, I love the song I’m listening to now. Radiohead = ❤


26 06 2007

Well, the fact that WordPress lets you see what Search Engine terms people searched to find this blog prooves one thing.

People search for odd things on Google.