Explosm = Goodness

28 11 2007

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27 11 2007

aaah, I remember using that before because I couldn’t think of anything else for a blog title. Back in the days when I still used Blogger. Gooooooooood timez.

My puppet in art class is almost done. OK, it’s actually far from done. But I’m getting there at the right speed. Basically I’m done putting the scrim on and gluing it down, and now I’m going to put brown paper all over it. Oh the joy, the fun, and more joy, followed by glee, and joy, and finally fun.

I got some New Order CD’s recently, not the ZOMG GREATNESS I was fully expecting, but still great nonetheless. Might make a post or two later about them, particularly “Low-Life” which has become my instant favourite.

Finally, to all who is reading this, I recommend, nay, demand, that you go to this Good Weather For Airstrikes post, and download the entire mix, in the correct order. Please. I think it’s absolutely brilliant and it has rekindled my love for “Circle Square Triangle” which could now be one of my favourite songs ever… at the moment. I mean, c’mon, what a song. And the band who made it had a funny name, how can you go wrong with that? I’ll tell you how – you can’t. Just download and listen. Even if you don’t like it it’s an interesting listen. I’ll put a couple of personal favourites below, enjoy.

Circle Square Triangle – Test Icicles

Elvis – These New Puritans

11h30 – Danger

And now, I go. for now.
OK, so apparently Circle Square Triangle won’t play. damn. oh well you can still hear it’s awesomeness if you download the whole zip file on GWFAS. Go Go Go!


26 11 2007

What a bunch of fucking bullshit. How can simply waving your hands in front of someone relieve their stress? How? Stupid as hell. AS. FUCKING. HELL.

argh Black Friday

24 11 2007

Black Friday meant I couldn’t go to town as planned today.
Now everyone’s gonna go mad with Christmas shopping. =(
I want it to be Christmas noooooow


22 11 2007

most of the hits this blog is getting at the moment is because of searches for the whole 2 girls 1 cup thing. You know, this post

I think it’s funny.

Though slightly… aw hell, VERY disturbing.

Franz Ferdinand

22 11 2007

I listened to their albums for the first time in absolute utter ages today and I forgot how much I love them…

Basically they’re back into my top 5 bands again. 😀

It’s Thursday… tomorrow?

21 11 2007

You’re shitting me.

Why are weeks going so quickly? I guess this means weekends will be here quicker, which is a good thing, and Christmas IS coming…. hmm.