Damn I’m Pissed, and other stories

14 11 2007

Interpolonlin, one of the many forums I go to is broken. It happens to be the forum I postwhore the most on (yay for postwhores!).

Table ‘mem’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired

I wish I knew what exactly that meant… This isn’t the first time it’s crashed for a while, but jeez, this still pisses me off. It might take longer for it to come back on now, cos the admin is a bit busy with uni, so it may not be back up until at least sometime tomorrow or later, as in, really late, tonight. damn damn damn. I want to postwhore damnit!

I’m downloading a live bootleg of Girl Talk right now, it’s almost done, I hope it’s good, I keep hearing good things about him, well, a lot of bad things too…. but mostly good. Either way, it should make me dance like a motherbitch anyway, and that’s all that matters sometimes.

ooh look, it’s just finished. goody.

My HomeEc teacher needs to lighten up. She was showing me how to do a stitch, and I looked at my watch for, like, a nanosecond, and she tried the whole “evil stare” thing (and failed) and said she “may have to band that watch” I just wanted to know what time it was, Jesus.

Twinings: Not so subtly racist?
I’ll never watch that ad or say ding-a-ling the same way again. :O

Under The Gun is my favourite song of the moment. Nothing like a good sing-along chorus.





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