17 11 2007

(I’m absolutely serious about this)

This is a blog post regarding porn.

No I will not post porn nor encourage the watching of porn. Quite the opposite actually.

Right, so apparently, there’s this thing going around the internet, 2 Girls 1 Cup, and people are tricking others into seeing it bla bla bla, and apparently, it’s the grossest thing ever. It’s made such an impact on the internet that there are already tons upon tons upon TONS of responses to the thing on YouTube. I never watched it and don’t plan on ever watching it, because A. all the responses on YouTube and talking to people who have seen it have convinced me not to, and B. I’m a plain wuss.

This is probably the best response I’ve seen. It’ll give you a better understanding of it. And no, there’s no pornographic material in this particular video. Follow his advice at the end, DON’T WATCH IT. I did and look at me, all happy and clean and whatnot.

so, yeah. I’m avoiding it.




4 responses

22 11 2007
haha « I Was Bored So I Made A Blog

[…] haha 22 11 2007 most of the hits this blog is getting at the moment is because of searches for the whole 2 girls 1 cup thing. You know, this post… […]

25 11 2007

My boyfriend tricked me into watching it but we didnt recored it or anything, It is absolutly disgusting. The worse part is knowing that there are sick people out there that do that shit!! Thats what i find hard to believe….but it’s true.

25 11 2007

OMG that was a hilarious video

25 11 2007

It is really grows

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