Happy New Year!

31 12 2007

I’ll try to make entries more often in the new year… promises.

Anyway, happy new year to all! x


Boxing Day

26 12 2007

This is the most boring Boxing Day I ever had.

I didn’t do anything all day… um hello dude you just got a bunch of stuff yesterday for someone else’s birthday! ffs


24 12 2007

yeah, guess what finally arrived today.


23 12 2007

le argh. Only two days to go and yet Christmas feels so far away.
That and I just got a cold, so it’s even worse. Why do I only get colds when I’m NOT in school? I’ll tell you why – cause shit happens.
Stupid shit… and happenings.


20 12 2007



16 12 2007

Annual Christmas tests start tomorrow.
Might not blog that much in the next five days.
Welp Welp Welp.

Five bottle caps per mp3… madness

14 12 2007

Paris Lemon says it all.

A big story today is that Amazon is teaming up with Pepsi to give away 5 BILLION songs through the AmazonMP3 service starting in February 2008. 5 billion is a huge number, that’s great. The devil is in the details though as you’ll need to collect FIVE Pepsi caps for each song you want to download – is this bottle cap inflation? What happened to the 1-for-1 deal that iTunes has offered a couple of times through Pepsi?

In the 2004 iTunes/Pepsi promotion, only 5 million of the 100 million tracks offered were downloaded (that’s 5%) – and that was on a simple 1 bottle cap for 1 song deal. If people have to collect 5 for each song, expect this percentage to go way down. Not only do I not drink nearly enough Pepsi (or any Pepsi for that matter – I’m a Coke guy), there is no chance I hang on to 5 of those scuzzy bottle tops at a time. Imagine if you want just 5 tracks, that’s 25 bottle caps sitting on your desk, that’s a lot of space.

Just as Molson got in trouble earlier in the week for basically promoting binge drinking of beer – Pepsi is now promoting binge drinking of soda. You want that entire new Killers CD? That’ll be 85 bottle caps (17 tracks times 5 caps a song). For all the talk of the obesity problem in this country and what a large part sugar-rich soda plays, encouraging kids to drink 85 of them to get one CD seems like a truly awful idea.

Here’s an idea Pepsi and Amazon: why not only put the download codes under the caps of your sugar-free beverages. If you want to be greedy, at least try to do some good as well.