Howdy thar

30 01 2008

I like this “Prologue” thing WordPress has made… Of course I won’t be using it for this blog but it is a nice idea, might make a separate one just for that. If only I had a more interesting life and did more stuff often… I’m probably going to do it anyway. And as for more stuff found through looking through WordPress…

The Fail Blog

and that’s it really, apart from a mixtape based on cannabis. :O



30 01 2008

This has come to my attention by Graham Linehan of Why That’s Delightful!

Click here.

This guy should actually go start up one of those, it’d be history in the making!

There’s Someone Listening In – Vol.1

28 01 2008

00:00-4:00 Waving Flags – British Sea Power
4:01-7:47 Ready For The Floor – Hot Chip
7:48-11:17 I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You – Black Kids
11:18-17:17 Showroom Dummies – Kraftwerk
17:18-20:50 This Fffire – Franz Ferdinand
21:11-25:06 Time To Pretend – MGMT
25:07-32:37 Tonto – Battles
32:28-35:39 White Chalk – PJ Harvey
35:40-39:01 Babooshka – Kate Bush
39:20-End Anthem – Blink 182
Length – 42:40 [39MB]

Hope you enjoy.

There’s Someone Listening In

28 01 2008

Basically, what I’m going to do is make a compilation of songs that I really like at the moment of making it (or sometimes I’d go by a theme) and make a mixtape together of those songs. Each would have 10 songs. Maybe it’ll be monthly, or bi-monthly, or whenever I can be arsed, that’s undecided. I’ll post the first volume later today.

Attempting to Post More Often

25 01 2008

So, recently I’ve been suspended from school for being a health and safety risk. :O Um… how?! So now I have to go to Social Skills classes and get one of those “Bigger Brothers/Sisters” guys before I can go back to school. Sucks. I’d rather be at school then stay at home all day knowing I should be at school to be honest. Plus having to go to a bunch of guys talking about my problems doesn’t sound nice either.

But enough of my emo ranting, I started a new project today which I think I’ll share on this blog. It’s basically about a mixtape I’ll make every once in a while with songs I really really like at the moment. I’m uploading it now and will post it when it’s done.

Look what the cat dragged in

24 01 2008

Yeah, I know, once again, another post saying that it’s been a while… not much in it… blah blah blah… I’m just at someone’s house showing him how to use the computer and I figured while I showed him how to import CD’s into mp3 I could take a look at WordPress and see what’s up. And I find that a post about some XBOX game called Mass Effect has been the “hawt post” of the moment. Apparently this game has scenes of sex and nudity. OMG THAT MUST MEAN WE HAVE TO BANZORZ IT!!!!11!!1

I don’t take much interests in subjects like this, and I can’t be bothered to go on about it more, so here’s said “hawt post”

I like this comment on that post…

Ah, the two unalterable truths:

1) A large segment of older people never understand the interests or hobbies of younger people.

2) A large segment of older people forget that the harmless entertainments that they enjoy were considered scandalously evil and corrupt by their elders.



8 01 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I’ve been too busy spending my time doing nothing, which as you know requires your constant care and attention.  School just started again recently and already the teachers are giving us tests, son of a bitch. It’s not like we’re programmed and built to just do tests all the fucking time. jeez.

Also, listen to this, DJ set on Radio, awesome. From Covert Curiosity