Look what the cat dragged in

24 01 2008

Yeah, I know, once again, another post saying that it’s been a while… not much in it… blah blah blah… I’m just at someone’s house showing him how to use the computer and I figured while I showed him how to import CD’s into mp3 I could take a look at WordPress and see what’s up. And I find that a post about some XBOX game called Mass Effect has been the “hawt post” of the moment. Apparently this game has scenes of sex and nudity. OMG THAT MUST MEAN WE HAVE TO BANZORZ IT!!!!11!!1

I don’t take much interests in subjects like this, and I can’t be bothered to go on about it more, so here’s said “hawt post” http://brokentoys.org/2008/01/23/i-hate-each-and-every-human-being-on-the-planet/

I like this comment on that post…

Ah, the two unalterable truths:

1) A large segment of older people never understand the interests or hobbies of younger people.

2) A large segment of older people forget that the harmless entertainments that they enjoy were considered scandalously evil and corrupt by their elders.





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