There’s Someone Listening In – Vol. 2

3 02 2008

Second instalment! Awh hells ya!

00:00-5:01 Boombox – Silent Effect
This is a song I made… Silent Effect is the name I use for music I make. It’s usually pretty crap.
5:02-8:45 Cassius – Foals
FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALS! This is the album version of Cassius which fucking kicks butt. Antidotes is out March 24th, buy it or you’re a loser.
8:46-13:25 14h54 – Danger
French electro! Need I say more?
13:26-20:41 Citizen Erased (Live) – Muse
Hullabaloo was the only Muse album I was missing so I got it recently. The live disc is great. Plus this is my favourite Muse song, played live. yay!
20:42-23:50 Evil Has Never (Single Version) – Union Of Knives
Not very into much Union Of Knives stuff but I like this song. hehe

24:36-30:55 Hold On – Hot Chip
A very very very very very very very very good song from Made In The Dark, already a contender for album of the year
30:56-40:41 Midnight Surprise – Lightspeed Champion
40:42-46:12 Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz
It’s always nice to throw in a classic somewhere.
46:13-51:09 Six Days (Soulwax Remix) – DJ Shadow
My favourite remix from the recent Soulwax remix album
51:10-56:14 Raver – Burial
“Untrue” was kind of ruined by it’s massive hype, but this song still remains amazing. [51.5 MB]

Enjoy. Or don’t. Whatever.




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