Hot Chip – Made In The Dark

8 02 2008

It’s not often I review something, but sometimes, I’ll try to make a half-decent review of something, this time I shall attempt to review Hot Chip’s new third album Made In The Dark, released on February 4th of this year (but on the 1st in Ireland, wheee). It was released on EMI Records in the UK, and DFA/Astralwerks in the US, in case anyone wants to know.I was really excited for this album ever since it was announced in… what was it, October? Yeah, well, regardless of when the press release was… released, I was excited, and even more excited after hearing “Shake A Fist”, the song released as a 12″ single at the beginning of October. Hearing the real lead single “Ready For The Floor”a bit later got me a little less excited, but as the song grew on me, the excitement brewed up again. So obviously in the months before this album’s release, it was a big ball of excitement, especially after the absolute amazing-ness of their last album The Warning which included such brilliant tracks as “Boy From School” and “Over And Over”, the latter of which everyone went ga-ga for in the Summer of 2006.

Made In The Dark begins with “Out At The Pictures”, which starts with a single synth line becoming increasingly louder before the drum machine begins a simple beat and more synth riffs come straight in, like a call to arms, and an instantly catchy chorus (WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER), after that is the aforementioned “Shake A Fist” which stops halfway to let Todd Rundgren remind us to listen with headphones, which would be a smart idea as the song turns into a massive synth freak-out. After “Ready For The Floor”, “Bendable Poseable” follows the same style as the 3 tracks before it, but with extra quirky-ness and a rap-ish bridge from Joe Goddard proclaiming that his backbone is made of rock. There’s also more electro craziness to be found in “Touch Too Much” and “Don’t Dance”.

Fans of The Warning‘s ballads (“Look After Me”, “Colours”, etc.) needn’t fret, as it isn’t all “dance-you-fucker” electro, there are even more ballads to be found in here. Four in fact. The best of them, “We’re Looking For A Lot Of Love” has the classic Chip trademarks, good lyrics, a simple hook to go on, a tale of love, loss of love, and sorts of other stuff I can’t figure out because I’m crap at deciphering lyrics. There are also short and sweet piano ballads in the title track, “Whistle For Will” and the closer “In The Privacy Of Our Love”.

“One Pure Thought” begins with a short guitar play followed by even more electronic pop goodness, and another strange but sweet Joe Goddard verse. At over six minutes, there’s plenty of “Hold On” to enjoy, despite the fact it sounds slightly half-baked. “Wrestlers” is a wonderfully zany tune with lyrics referencing many well-known wrestling moves, along with a mention of Willie Nelson. “Don’t Dance” wallows around in mediocrity for three minutes or so before finally exploding in a wonderful big beat mess.Like The Warning, this isn’t really so much an artistic success as a step in the right direction, which makes me even more excited for what’s to come from Hot Chip. Till then, this is still a really good album that’s really fun to listen to.





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