EMI are Scumbags

9 02 2008

From AtEaseWeb

EMI are set to release a Radiohead Greatest Hits album to coincide with Radiohead’s upcoming tour. Radiohead’s former label seem determined to make some money from the band’s current activities.

When Radiohead announced the release of their ‘In Rainbows’ Discbox in December, EMI quickly followed with the release of the 7 albums (6 studio, 1 live) as a box set which included the albums as digipacks, download and USB-stick.

Now the tour is coming up (North American dates are expected to be announced next week), EMI have got another release up their sleeves; the long feared Greatest Hits album. Ed O’Brien told Strombo [laughing]: “They’re planning to do a Greatest Hits for April, May to coincide with our tour. That’s an interesting one. We won’t be doing any promotion for that, obviously.”

In an interview with Analogue, Phil Selway quickly commented on a Greatest Hits album as well: “It’s well within their rights to do it. [sigh]. So we’ll have to see.”

Yet another reason why EMI suck.

Yet I have a feeling I’m going to buy it anyway…




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