Flight Of The Conchords album yay!

10 02 2008

New Zealand duo Flight Of The Conchords skewers synth-pop, the French, David Bowie, American R&B, hip-hop and unattainable sexual conquests on its self-titled debut album, due April 22 via Sub Pop.

The 15-track set features songs first aired on the Conchords’ hit HBO series, but they have been retooled in the studio with producer Mickey Petralia.

Fans will delight in the new versions of “The Prince of Parties” and “The Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room),” which accompanied two of the most memorable sequences in the HBO show.

Also included are the dazzling Pet Shop Boys parody “Inner City Pressure,” which will be the first single worked to radio, the Kraftwerk-with-acoustic-guitars “Robots,” the aptly named David Bowie tribute “Bowie” and the disco pastiche “Think About It.”

The Conchords’ debut EP, “The Distant Future,” will vie this weekend for the Grammy for best comedy album.


Here is the track list for “Flight of the Conchords”:

1. “Foux du Fafa”
2. “Inner City Pressure”
3. “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros”
4. “Think About It”
5. “Ladies of the World”
6. “Mutha’uckas”
7. “The Prince of Parties”
8. “Leggy Blonde”
9. “Robots”
10. “Boom”
11. “A Kiss Is Not a Contract”
12. “The Most Beautiful Girl (in the Room)”
13. “Business Time”
14. “Bowie”
15. “Au Revoir”





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10 02 2008


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