17 02 2008

I’m going back to school for the first time in four weeks tomorrow. I hope I don’t kill anyone… haha


Hercules and Love Affair are good too

17 02 2008

(but not as good as Foals)

Foals Are Good

17 02 2008

Note to Self: Get These

15 02 2008

Foals – Antidotes – March 24th (Get CD & Vinyl)
Hercules And Love Affair – s/t – March 10th
Lightspeed – Lavender Bridge – Already Out.
Laura Marling – Can’t Swim – Already Out.
Mars Volta – Bedlam – Already Out.
New Puritans – Beat Pyramid – Already Out.
British Sea Power – Rock Music Y/N? – Already Out.

2008 In Music – Teh Sex.

Foals – Antidotes (Review)

14 02 2008

I’m taking a break from taking a break from blogging to post another review, this time of the debut album from Oxford dance-punkers Foals. Almost a year ago they unleashed “Hummer” onto the world and two more singles, an appearance on Skins, loads of gigs, and all kinds of other stuff that a band usually does, their album is finally here. At the time it was announced, omitting their two big singles “Hummer” and “Mathletics” seemed not only gutsy, but also a bit of a bad move. But after listening to this album, it makes sense, because you can’t really see those two songs fitting in with the rest of the material on offer here.

The band themselves said that they excluded the singles from the album because they were songs written earlier and they wanted to get them out there then move on to the album material. Despite that, there is a lot here that looks familiar to a fan that’s been following Foals for a while. Old favourites “The French Open” and “Two Steps Twice” feature, and a re-worked version of the “Mathletics” b-side “Big Big Love” also has a place in the album. Although, among the stuff fans would be well known to fans, there is also brand new songs such as “Electric Bloom”, “Heavy Water”, and “Tron”.

The album begins with fan favourite “The French Open” which sounds a little watered down compared to the demo version, but that is instantly forgotten when the next song and upcoming single “Cassius” runs into your ears like a bad-ass mofo. With lyrics referencing the fall of Rome and a chorus that doesn’t sound that catchy when you read the lyrics, but will stay in your head for a considerably long time, it’s already set to become one of the singles of the year. The pace is brought down a bit with “Red Sock Pugie” a sweet love song with afrobeat drums and a wonderful fade out.

“Olympic Airways”, another old favourite, sounds incredibly different to the demo version. Verses are moved around, taken out, and added, and the vocals are considerably slower, it all ends up being for the better though as it is vastly improved from the demo and is more likely to stay in your head. “Electric Bloom” carries the same style as the previous tracks, with more afrobeat drum and a delightfully simple but sweet chorus, 5 minutes of pure bliss. The second side starts with “Balloons”, which may sound a bit boring if you’ve heard it enough already (though it is better then the demo) and is followed by “Heavy Water”of which the first half is made up of a short call to arms about vampires and whatnot, and the second a wonderful instrumental showcasing the various talents of the various players of instruments (good wording there, don’t you agree?).

“Two Steps Twice” is unfortunately, compared to the demo, a mess. To the normal listener it will sound completely random and will make no sense at all. The reworked “Big Big Love” is more, dare I say, “epic” sounding then the original, with the percussion brought down a bit and more soundscapes added. The album finally ends with a short interlude of classic Foals guitar and handclaps before collapsing into the closing “Tron”, which has all the elements Foals have that make them great, along with a slow build-up with brilliant bass and drums into a final triumphant blast of the chorus. Foals may not improve on re-recordings of their demos so much, but they have made an album that wasn’t expected by people wanting an album of Hummer’s and the part of the fanbase made up of people who only see them as “dat band dat were on Skins, like” and showed them all what they can really do. Good for them.



13 02 2008

I’m going to be taking a break from blogging for a while. I’ll blog again soon… ish. Till then have fun watching this.


11 02 2008

When I started up the forum I was thinking it could be a good idea. Now I’m starting to think otherwise. I’ll keep it there and see.

In other news, my 7″ vinyls which I ordered came in today! Yay!