21 03 2008

Because I have nothing else to type about and yesterday was one of the most eventful days I’ve had for a while (still not very eventful though).

I woke up about half past ten in the morning, then at noon-ish I walked up to the shop nearby where I met a few of my friends, and we went walking up the village and walked further off from it, we met a dog on the way and he started following us, we named him Stick at first because he kept picking up sticks, but later on we re-named him Object because he picked up a bottle of water rather then a stick. We met one of the people who used to go to school with us driving a tractor with his sister (or someone) and we tried to jump onto the tractor and hitch a ride, but we failed, and he said that trespassers will be shot and survivors would be shot again. When he drove away we started walking back and he met us later when he was cycling. We were talking about stuff and attempting to get the dog back home (he was still following us, like ages away from where he started following us), eventually, we just ran back into my house and locked the gates until he walked back home. We then went to one of the other people’s house and played hide and seek in his attic, except this time the seeker had to stand outside the door to the attic and then walk in when the hiders are ready, then try to find them… with the lights turned off! ooh yeah. Except we were cheating by using our phones and their lights. A few of the people had to go home and the remaining people stayed behind and watched The Commitments until I had to go home meself.

I need to go out more often.

Also, I want to know what happened to that dog.




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