Happy Chocolate Day!

23 03 2008

It didn’t feel a lot like Easter today even though I had my fair share of chocolate (to the point of near sickness, yay!) and I visited my aunt and got even more and, like the big immature child I am, took part in the easter egg hunt. I found a lot of fruit-flavoured sweets which made my day even further, because as great as chocolate is, there’s nothing better then some good ole’ fruit sweets a la Fruit Pastilles and Starburst. Hmmmm. I also set up a little mini-disco for my two little cousins (courtesy of one iPod earplug in one of their ears), they quite surprised me, as they started dancing to anything I played, even stuff like Autechre (I still get questions from my friends as to why I like “that random stupid rubbish”) they danced like a mofo to. Then afterwards they started sifting through music channels and saying what they liked and didn’t, and they gave me a huge shock because the video for “Cassius” by Foals came on and they said they didn’t like it. :O I shall have to correct their ways. Then they just put Kiss (the channel) on and started dancing to Timbaland and Lupe Fiasco… *insert shudder here… well, Lupe’s good, but Timbaland, AAAH*

Enjoy the bunnies and eggs while you can!




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