Four More Years!

30 03 2008

I’ve actually only noticed this today…

On March 10th 2007, a then 13 year old kid went onto Blogger and registered a blog, and started typing out posts about whatever. Of course, back then, he was a big loser, and his posts were about stuff that was never going to help anyone, or interest anyone, or amuse anyone, at all. It’s still like that today, but back then, eurgh. Amazingly, 12 months later, it’s still going and the loser who made it is still posting regulary, but it has gone through changes, name changes, url changes, the host moved from Blogger over to WordPress in May. On it’s first anniversary I was… doing something. I didn’t post at all that day due to the internet being broken (even though it was fixed the next day) and I only realised a year had passed today.

Here’s hoping that in some time… this blog will be worth someone’s time, not least mine.




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