Stop the World, I Want To Get Off

30 04 2008

So, it’s been another while since I posted here, about two weeks. Sorry about that, even though I’m not really sorry. I’ll get down to it…

I’ve been thinking about it the past few days and decided, but it’s best if I say it here so it doesn’t look like another blog that’s simply abandoned. I never wanted e-fame by making a blog, but I knew I didn’t want to make a blog then just stop for as much reason as I had making it in the first place. As the title of the blog itself may suggest, I was bored one day in March 2007, which is why I registered on Blogger and started a blog. I didn’t want to do something specific, it just seemed a good way to pass the time, and something to pass the time with is something that’s always nice. I Was Bored So I Made A Blog. But, I’ve pretty much become bored of the blog itself, so now what? Find something else to pass the time with? Probably. But if I have nothing I find interesting enough to post about, and if I’m bored of the general idea of me having a blog in the first place, what’s the point? At least I kept it going for more then a year, that’s long by most standards of blogs like this!

If I ever decide to make another blog, it’ll probably have a half-decent original idea to it so it would be at least a little interesting and that’ll guarantee that I’d post often, but I won’t come back to this one. It was fun, but, this one ends here. There’s Someone Listening In has been abandoned, I’ve become bored of the idea, and the Prologue page is dead now too. I’m not going to delete the page or delete my account, hopefully someone might still come across the site and find it interesting, despite the fact that it hasn’t been updated for months. But at least there was a proper farewell instead of the owner just walking away from it for no known reason. The last year and a month, 372+ posts, and whatever amount of comments I got (not a lot) have been fun. Later.





7 responses

30 04 2008

How shit, it’s been more than a year for my blog too…

5 05 2008

Wow… I guess it’s the end of your blog now then? See ya later David.

6 05 2008

That’s basically what I said yeah.

6 05 2008

I was actually enjoying it. You should sign up for Twitter, and put it to work with your mobile phone.

7 05 2008

I had Twitter once, got bored after a week.

haha my phone is ancient. No chance of that. 😛

Like I said, I may make another one… I just got bored of this one, if I make another one it’ll at least have a half-original idea to it.

30 07 2009

I can’t post here anymore. CHECK OUT MY TUMBLR


4 06 2010

But David, that’s gone too! 😦

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