Today, for the first time ever

4 04 2008

I got detention. It certainly wasn’t something I was expecting… but hey, going 15 years without getting a single detention can be seen as some sort of accomplishment to some people… and all because I didn’t have some homework done…


Oh… Christ

2 04 2008

01. Just
02. Paranoid Android
03. Karma Police
04. Creep
05. No Surprises
06. High And Dry
07. My Iron Lung
08. There There
09. Lucky
10. Fake Plastic Trees
11. Idioteque
12. 2+2=5
13. The Bends
14. Pyramid Song
15. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
16. Everything In Its Right Place


02. I Might Be Wrong
03. Go To Sleep
04. Let Down
05. Planet Telex
06. Exit Music (For A Film)
07. The National Anthem
08. Knives Out
09. Talk Show Host
10. You
11. Anyone Can Play Guitar
12. How To Disappear Completely
13. True Love Waits

Why this sucks…

1. EMI are shitbags.
2. The tracklisting sucks. Seriously, closing with EIIRT? ACPG -> HTDC?!
3. No b-sides and rarities except for Talk Show Host and True Love Waits, go figure.
4. Well that artwork’s original ain’t it.
5. The vinyl is only availible to a small amount of pre-orderers.
6. I’ll probably end up getting it anyway. 😦

Am I Bovvered?

29 02 2008

Well I dunno about you but I sure am now!

Am I Bovvered… the stupidest and unfunny catchphrase to have ever existed. Catherine Tate – SHUT UP.