It’s time to randomly muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse…

30 04 2007

– I want to ambidesxtrous.
– I want something to occupy myself with, like working on a website, but I have no ideas for one…
– Crap. I can’t think of any more random musings.
– Moo.
– Woof.
– Random
– Musings
– I should stop now.
– Yes you should
– Who said that
– Me
– I should really stop now.
– Shut up.
– No.
– Stop it.
– No.
– I think I should end this now.
– As in now.
– Riiiiiiiiiight…………………………. Now.
– N…………………….ow.
– Now.
– Now Now.
– Now.
– No–



30 04 2007

I made a big long entry, then my connection went screwy and I lost the entire thing.


I’m sad.

29 04 2007

Guess why.

You guessed it.
It’s another late Sunday night and there’s school tomorrow.
Oh yippe. >_>
I better get off this thing and off to bed.
So see ya.

I was trying to think of something to post in this…

29 04 2007

I was trying to think of something to post in this blog, but I couldn’t think of anything of say, so I asked my sister.

She said “Well, I can’t help, it’s not my blog. To be honest I don’t see the point in them”
I said “Well I need SOMEWHERE to write all my random nonsense”
She said “Well I can’t help you there because my random nonsense is different to your random nonsense. Nonsense nonsense random random nonsense random…”


What I like and what I hate

29 04 2007

I like how Opera is working fast for me
I hate how Firefox is broken
I like weekends
I hate how weekends are over so quickly
I like computer games
I hate how my Playstation is broken
I like this song I’m listening to
I hate that song that’s being played constantly on the radio
I like going outside
I hate how it’s always raining.
I like to like things
I hate to hate things.
How bittersweet.


28 04 2007

I said Firefox didn’t work, and IE is just crap.
So I started Opera.
And I’m surprised.

It’s actaully faster than Firefox. I’m not sure about the security though.
It’s actually quite nice. Think I’ll use this until my Firefox problem is fixed.
Only one problem with it though, Flash Player won’t install on it. It’s really pissing me off.
Oh well.


28 04 2007

When my parents get home from their holiday in Venice, and when they have relaxed a bit, I have a few words for them…


They won’t get one, because “we need the money for the holidays, we already have a computer that works fine…” BLAH

We must have SOME money asides from the money we’re saving for the holidays, and our computer is a crap-shack!
Me wanty Mac.