I want.

31 10 2007


31 10 2007

According to this site, this blog is 53% Evil, and 47% good.
I suppose this means I’m mostly evil, which basically ruins my chances of ever being a superhero. :p

But hey, I got cool buttons!
This site is certified 53% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 47% GOOD by the Gematriculator

This is basically how the site works, and how it figured out how evil this blog is…

The Gematriculator is a service that uses the infallible methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin to determine how good or evil a web site or a text passage is.

Basically, Gematria is searching for different patterns through the text, such as the amount of words beginning with a vowel. If the amount of these matches is divisible by a certain number, such as 7 (which is said to be God’s number), there is an incontestable argument that the Spirit of God is ever present in the text. Another important aspect in gematria are the numerical values of letters: A=1, B=2 … I=9, J=10, K=20 and so on. The Gematriculator uses Finnish alphabet, in which Y is a vowel.

Experts consider the mathematical patterns in the text of the Holy Bible as God’s watermark of authenticity. Thus, the Gematriculator provides only results that are absolutely correct.

Load of silliness really, but, hey, it’s fun!


I changed the blog layout again

31 10 2007

Check it ooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttt.

Happy Halloween!

31 10 2007

The one time of year where young children are encouraged to ask strangers for food.



28 10 2007

I got an RM file, but I can only play it with RealPlayer, which I have, but don’t like.
So I wanted to convert it to mp4 to play on iTunes.
But none of the converters I have work with RM files.



27 10 2007

Boring Saturdays are the WORST.

ok, boring Sundays are the worst.
but boring Saturdays still suck, so they do.


26 10 2007

Friday’s school day is over, no school for a week.

Also, public gmail accounts FTW