Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

16 04 2008

Wildly Popular ‘Iron Man’ Trailer To Be Adapted Into Full-Length Film

Via The Onion


I made a goddamned LiveJournal

13 04 2008


Um, wow.

13 04 2008

Well, how long was it since I posted here? A week? And three days? Yeah… that can be counted as a while. That, and the WordPress dashboard and writing thingamajigs look all different now… It’s hard to adjust but it’s definitely prettier then before, and the post writing form is easier to work. All lovely and gorgeous, like everything should be. Smiles all around!

I don’t know why there was a lack of new posts lately… maybe it was because on Wednesday the forum I spend most of my time came back after two months down time and I’ve been posting like crazy over there, and it could also be that I’ve become addicted to Questionable Content, or maybe I had nothing to blog about. That happens a lot. I’m sorry. Seriously though, QC is amazing.

I’ve been thinking of making another LiveJournal. I made one last Summer, but only posted twice, went for a holiday in Canada for three weeks, forgot my password and basically forgot about it. I’d hate to look one of those stupid scene kids who makes LiveJournals and post slash fan-fiction and talk about how no one understands them and they have Asperger’s Syndrome blah blah blah… but it does look pretty cool…

My parents are in Budapest for the weekend, which mean that for the past couple of days I’ve been an insomniac. OK, not an insomniac, but I have been staying up later despite still needing to wake up early in the morning. Yesterday I was up until 2am ish posting on earlier mentioned forum then watched late 70’s British comedy (Frank Spencer, you’re so pathetic but everyone loves you) until finally going to bed at God knows when. I’ll have to avoid doing that tonight because despite my parents not being back yet I still have school in the morning. Sigh.

I also re-subscribed to last.fm, with the intention of staying that way now. With my own money too, woop! I think I’ve run out of stuff now… I’m gonna go see what LiveJournal’s like now then see what else I can do with this oh so meaningful life. Ciao!

Four More Years!

30 03 2008

I’ve actually only noticed this today…

On March 10th 2007, a then 13 year old kid went onto Blogger and registered a blog, and started typing out posts about whatever. Of course, back then, he was a big loser, and his posts were about stuff that was never going to help anyone, or interest anyone, or amuse anyone, at all. It’s still like that today, but back then, eurgh. Amazingly, 12 months later, it’s still going and the loser who made it is still posting regulary, but it has gone through changes, name changes, url changes, the host moved from Blogger over to WordPress in May. On it’s first anniversary I was… doing something. I didn’t post at all that day due to the internet being broken (even though it was fixed the next day) and I only realised a year had passed today.

Here’s hoping that in some time… this blog will be worth someone’s time, not least mine.

Idiot, slow down

30 03 2008

The blog got another small re-doing, one of the few problems about WordPress.com is that, while it’s skins are vastly superior to Blogger’s, there aren’t that many, and they could let me use custom ones rather then being made to just choose from the ones that are there. Bah. I got rid of a few things from the sidebar, because well… they don’t really serve a purpose I see needed. I’d also like to thank Josh or whatever his name is for the new tagline. 😉 I’ll probably be adding new things to the sidebar as time passes by…

In other news, tomorrow marks to return of me to the buidling in which I sit in a tiny room and get taught stuff by people who I don’t necessarily have a liking for, after two weeks of lazying about and eating sugary chocolatey egg shaped confections. In layman’s terms, I’m going back to school, and starting tomorrow there won’t be any breaks (apart from May Day, wooo) until it closes for the Summer at the end of May. Which means two months of almost endless school, *insert stupid crybabying here*.

I was going to make a new header but I couldn’t be bothered. And now, over to the weather…

Please Excuse Recent Absence

11 03 2008

Internet died. Can only post from school now. Should be fixed today, even though it was supposed to fixed last week. We’ll see. Till then, ciao.

Another Stupid Comment Highlight

5 03 2008

Oh boy, I’m gathering a crowd of haters. Unless it’s the same guy. It probably is.

Anyway, this one comes from the Foals’s Antidotes Review I posted a while ago. It comes from an Anonymous gentlemen who gives me this advice.

“you cannot write. what purpose does this serve? for whom? please, do THINK. a mastery of unadventurous but accurate syntactical construction does not cover a sincere lack of unique thought.”

Now usually I would take heed of people’s advice but normally when I do it’s told to me differently from that. I won’t be surprised if he finds this and I get a mega-super-fun-fun-flame but ah well, I’m pretty much asking for it.